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India, 2008 – Day Fourteen

One of my best friends, other than Sridevi, lives in India.  We worked together at Rapidigm and while Shreyas has visited our home in Portland 3 times, it was the first chance for me to return the favor.  In fact, neither Sridevi nor I had met his wife Pooja who is still waiting to visit the states.

This was a totally different day than any others, both in that Pune is very cosmopolitan compared to Vizag and that we were basically hanging out with friends our age.  We all talked a bit of business and got to know each other a better.  Along the way, while Sridevi and Pooja took a timeout to shop (ending the day in matching outfits nonetheless) Shreyas and I reminisced about our days at Rapidigm.  OK, really we just vented a bit. For me though, things are really good right now, while Shreyas has been stuck in the world of Fujitsu, which amazingly has actually gotten steadily worse since they acquired Rapidigm.

You would think that your average 40 billion dollar a year Japanese company could have a bit of a long term view.  But then, you would be wrong.  Their MO is to pay hundreds of millions for companies and Immediately put immense pressures on short term profits, driving the talent away in droves.  I thank my stars again that I got out of Rapidigm before Fujitsu arrived.

At any rate, we hung out with friends and then had a nice meal at a local Chinese place.  Quite good in fact.  Tomorrow we are off to tour the Fujitsu facility and then the next day a visit to a “Rajastani Village”, or rather a replication of one…

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