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India Trip – Day Five

Today we went for a long walk.  Our driver had a test to take, so we were on our own to some extent.  Sridevi’s father dropped us (Sridevi & I) downtown at a fast food joint where we had lunch and the took an “auto-rickshaw” across town to look for gifts to bring back to the US (yes, for those of you reading the blog).

From there we walked up the hill past the hospital where Sridevi was born, continuing over the hill and right to the Sea.  Construction here continues to amaze me.  Don’t miss the series of pictures that accompanies this one as a “chinese-fire-line” moves the bricks up six floors.

We walked past people selling everything from flowers and clothes to food, jewelry, watches and knick-knacks.  The Sea is basically what we would expect from the east coast.  There doesn’t seem to be much swell and it must get deep fairly fast, but the break actually looks very surfable, although I didn’t see a single sole beyond knee deep in the water.

We wandered about a mile along a well maintained marble promenade that must not be very old.  People watching was our game, but I think we got just as many looks as we gave.  I haven’t mentioned it yet, but in five days we had seen ONE other white person.  In a city of 2.8 million people, it is basically 100% Indian!  Remember that this is one of India’s largest port cities and still, only Indians.

For dinner we went to one of the nicest hotels in Vizag and had a nice meal (although I have to say that as I expected, home cooked is best!!!).  At dinner though, we saw four or five Russians, so that’s now out the window a bit!  There are white people in this town, six of us even!

I also saw my first cat of the trip, outnumbered now three to one by the rats that I’ve seen.  ;)

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