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India Trip – Day Four

Today, Sridevi’s father and I went to Airtel to get our new cell phone (from the shopping day) activated, visited the bank and in general had an easy day.  Still, the crush of people is impressive.  It isn’t really the number of people, it is more that there are people of all socioeconomic classes mixed.  We aren’t seeing the ultra rich, or even the ultra poor, but everyone else seems to be well represented.

The family car is just as likely to be a motor scooter as it is to be a car.  These guys seem to have forgotten their helmets, much less their seat belts!  Remember the picture of the cow from day two?  The first one I took here, it was munching on some garbage right here where this family is on the scooter today.  Right down the street from the Airtouch office…

In the evening, our driver took us up a hill that we’ve driven around several times.  Right on top there is a sort of theme park with an amazing view of the city and the sea, stretching north and south for at least 100 kilometers…  For the first time, I really wish I had drug a tripod along to truly capture the night lights of the city spread out below.  Still, there are several photos worth seeing in the gallery.

The colors here are so vibrant.  From the red of a boys hat to the deep, rich yellow of a sari, to the green of the foliage, to the yellow of the flowers…

This place continues to amaze.  The internet has been down for a few days, so I traced the cables into the ceiling and onto the roof.  I didn’t take a picture, but suffice it to say that the splice is hilarious.  They just peel the coax shield back, align the cables in parallel, twist the center wires together and mush the shields together and leave.  No tape, no nothing!

I end with a photo that has to be seen to be believed.  This is a three wheeled bicycle, complete with a tower to work on overhead wires…

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